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LabXchange Joins the STEMM Opportunity Alliance

LabXchange, the free online platform for science education, has joined the STEMM Opportunity Alliance (SOA), a cross-sector coalition committed to building a STEM ecosystem rooted in equity, inclusion, and scientific excellence to power progress, innovation, and prosperity for all by 2050.

As a member of SOA, LabXchange commits to continue aligning its programs with SOA’s strategy for helping 20 million people from historically excluded and marginalized communities enter, contribute to, and thrive within STEM. The pillars essential to this goal that closely align with LabXchange’s mission include nurturing curiosity in every child, developing skilled and diverse educators, and ensuring that all workers thrive.

By 2026, in service of expanding access, equity, and inclusion in STEM, LabXchange will:

  • Continue to expand its Teacher Ambassador Program and other professional development opportunities for educators in the US and globally.
  • Launch new resources on the topic of Advancing Equity in STEM Through Inclusive Teaching.
  • Launch the Career Explorer, a dynamic, searchable tool that will help young people delve into the world of science careers and envision themselves thriving in this field.
  • Author more content that supports middle school science, AP Biology, data science education, scientific reasoning, and foundations of research, among other key subject areas in STEM.
  • Offer virtual lab simulations in 30 languages.

“Since 2018, LabXchange has convened a community that believes in the transformative power of education,” said Gaurav Vazirani, LabXchange managing director. “We are excited to join a multilateral, cross-sector collaboration that seeks to drive fundamental, systemic change in the STEM ecosystem in the US.”

LabXchange, an initiative of Harvard University’s Vice Provost of Advances in Learning supported by the Amgen Foundation, is an online science education platform that provides users with access to high-quality science education, personalized instruction, online lab experiences, and networking opportunities across the global scientific community at no cost. To learn more about this initiative, visit www.labxchange.org.

SOA launched in December 2022 at the first-ever White House STEMM Equity and Excellence Summit with its founding partners, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and Doris Duke Foundation, 93 cross-sector partners, $1.2B in commitments, and 14 funders. SOA’s vision is to achieve STEMM equity and excellence by 2050. SOA will address key areas to attain fundamental, systemic change and ensure the diversity that is necessary for the increased performance and innovative ideas that are needed to keep the U.S. competitive. To learn more about SOA, visit: https://stemmopportunity.org/.

Written by
Ilyana Sawka
Outreach & Communications Manager

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