Three digital award medallions—two from the QS Reimagine Education Awards and one from the Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards—are displayed on a navy blue background. In the upper right corner, there are colorful hexagons containing graphical representations of popular science-related objects and concepts, like a microscope and a DNA double helix.

LabXchange Takes Home a Trio of EdTech Awards

To cap off another year of milestones, we are proud to announce that LabXchange took home three exciting EdTech awards last month, with the platform being recognized as an innovative leader in the e-learning and EdTech space at the 2023 QS Reimagine Education Awards and the 2023 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards, both held in December 2023.

Over the last four years, LabXchange has been continuously working toward improving access to high-quality science education across the globe. Our platform exists to streamline educators' efforts in creating comprehensive STEM lessons so that they can spend more time doing what they do best: connecting with their students and inspiring them to become curious about science.

We are honored to receive these awards, which go a long way in affirming the work that we have done so far. However, we know that there is plenty more work to do! With that in mind, we are encouraged to keep innovating in 2024 by growing our connections with collaborators and educators globally, enhancing the existing tools on our platform (in addition to adding new ones), expanding our content library, and more. Stay tuned!

QS Reimagine Education Awards | Overall EdTech Winner & Gold in "E-Learning"

At the QS Reimagine Education Awards, held at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, LabXchange won the title of Overall EdTech Winner, which included with it a generous $25,000 in Google Cloud credits.

In addition, LabXchange took gold in the "E-Learning" category, being recognized as a revolutionary platform actively innovating in science education.

Two digital award medallions given to LabXchange by the QS Reimagine Education Awards. The left medallion says "Overall EdTech Winner 2023" and the right medallion says "Gold Winner E-Learning 2023".

Usman Khalid, Chief Technology Officer at LabXchange, accepted the Overall EdTech award in person, echoing in his speech the fundamental ideas that LabXchange founder Dr. Robert Lue believed in from the start.

Rob believed that, to solve the challenges in education, we had to do two things: First, we had to work together so our efforts were not redundant and, second, that we couldn’t tackle these challenges without listening to and empowering our educators and learners.

It's these ideas—the power of community and the direct involvement of educators and learners—on which we base our platform and our work today.

Usman Khalid, Chief Technology Officer at LabXchange, speaks at the QS Reimagine Education Awards ceremony. He is a tan-skinned man with dark hair wearing a dark blue suit and standing on a stage in front of podium, with a microphone in his hand. In the background, a projection screen says "LabXchange (USA)".
Usman Khalid, LabXchange CTO, speaks at the QS Reimagine Education Awards ceremony in December 2023.

Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards | Silver in "Best STREAM Solution"

At the Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards, LabXchange won silver in the "Best STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) Solution" category. We are honored to be recognized alongside such a diverse group of nominees.

A digital award medallion given to LabXchange by the Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards. The medallion says "Best STREAM Solution 2023".

We are truly thrilled to receive these awards and would like to thank our home institution, Harvard University, and our funding sponsor, the Amgen Foundation, for their continued support of our shared mission. In addition, we are thankful to the collaborators, educators, and learners around the world who have helped us to make LabXchange what it is today and who have inspired us to continue improving the platform.

Written by
Chris Burnett
Digital Content Specialist

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