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Why LabXchange is a Game-Changer in Science

Welcome to LabXchange, where the future of science education becomes reality. Online education is changing as the demand for accessible learning environments and virtual classrooms become the norm. However, the learning of science is best achieved by actually doing science. But how can we do science online?

LabXchange aims to be the missing connection between science education and online learning. Working alongside science and technology experts, and harnessing the power of crowdsourcing, LabXchange aspires to connect science students, teachers, researchers, and industry professionals from all around the world in one digital community.

And here is how we are going to do it.

1)   Social Learning

The LabXchange learning principle is simple — Learning science together. The platform will allow users to be both students and instructors with our collaborative opportunities and social networking functionality.

2)   Pre-lab Training

As a hybrid accelerator for science education, LabXchange will bridge the divide between hands-on and digital learning. With a variety of free resources, the platform allows teachers to create pre-lab pathways for their students, ensuring that the time spent in lab becomes more valuable.

3)   Interactive Simulations

What would the future of science education look like without virtual laboratory simulations? LabXchange is working with digital learning agency Hubble Studios and our own expert teachers to create authentic scientific simulations that run through key lab techniques such as micropipetting, bacterial transformation, and PCR.

Simulation micropipettes

4)   Reputable Content

Accessing valuable content can be a daunting task for many educators and students. To solve this problem, LabXchange will house credible, curated, and free resources.

5)   Remixable Pathways

Imagine you discover a number of valuable resources in the LabXchange repository and now want to build your own mini-course for your students. Our repository allows you to customize content by selecting the items that you like and adding them your own “pathway,” which can then be shared with fellow teachers and students.

6)   A Self-Sustaining Repository

The repository has a life of its own. Learners can upload their remixed pathways back into the repository for others to use, expanding the pool of vetted and valuable content.

7)   A Digital Community

The LabXchange platform mixes authentic science research with social networking functionalities. Share your pathways, begin a discussion forum, or reach out for mentorship opportunities.

8)   Collaborative Opportunities

Everyone is a teacher, a learner, and a contributor. LabXchange is truly a collective intelligence project with users from all around the world helping us build the future.

9)   Widespread Impact

Quality science education should be an accessible right for everyone. Our impact is defined by making sure that this future is everyone’s future.

10) Empowering Students in Science

Science benefits from having a wide range of voices at the table. LabXchange hopes to foster an inclusive space that brings together scientists from diverse backgrounds and helps them learn from one another.

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