A graphic depiction of virtual PD session setting for March 2020.

January PD: Personalize Learning with LabXchange

LabXchange is offering a virtual professional development workshop in January 2020. The January sessions are designed to support educators in creating customized learning pathways to meet the needs of all students. In the workshop, titled "Personalize Online Learning with LabXchange," you will:

  • Learn how LabXchange can support differentiated, student-centered online learning.
  • Additionally, identify interactive or narrative content from the LabXchange library.
  • Also use the content right now to support flipped-classroom learning, develop student lab skills or help students explore STEM careers.
  • Design, create and implement a pathway with your students
  • Also learn how the classes feature of LabXchange protects student privacy while providing opportunities for educators to collaborate at scale.

To receive PDPs, workshop participants will:

  • Initially, complete pre-work,
  • Next, attend a 1-hour webinar,
  • Also implement their design in a classroom setting, and
  • Finally, complete a written reflection.

During the interactive webinar, LabXchange staff will share best practices for designing pathways. Staff will also assist participants in outlining a pathway that meets their goals. Following the webinar, educators will create and implement their pathways and reflect on the experience. This will help inform both their own practice and further development of the LabXchange platform. After the session, participants will be ready to use the free LabXchange platform. This will further broaden their students’ engagement with science.The webinar dates are 1/11/20 at 10 a.m. EST or 1/14/20 at 7 p.m. EST.

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