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TIES Seeks High School Teachers to Design Data Science Curricula

In collaboration with LabXchange, the Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES) is recruiting a Co-Development Teacher Cohort consisting of U.S. high school teachers. The Harvard University Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning (VPAL) has been funded by the National Defense Education Program (NDEP) to develop online resources on LabXchange for students and educators focused on connecting data science to biology and environmental science in particular.

The Co-Development Teacher Cohort will work toward the following goals:

  1. Creation of modular, interactive, and inclusive student-facing online curricula applying data science to real world challenges in biotechnology and climate change; and
  2. Creation of complementary teacher resources, including digital curriculum guides and virtual workshops.

The curricula will apply data science to pressing real world challenges in biotechnology and climate change while also highlighting stories of scientists, including Department of Defense researchers, who use data science in their careers. The student curricula developed through this project will authentically engage learners at the intersection of life sciences, statistics, and data visualization, building skills in computational thinking and data literacy through interactive virtual learning experiences. When the curriculum is rolled out, students will practice applying these skills to different challenges in biotechnology and climate change, collecting and analyzing their own data through virtual simulations using the unique functionalities of LabXchange.

The Co-Development Teacher Cohort will include 5 U.S. high school teachers with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, environmental science, or statistics. More specifically:

  • 2 high school teachers who can support the creation of the Biotechnology Curriculum
  • 3 high school teachers who can support the creation of the Climate Science Curriculum

Stipend: $10,000 per year (for two calendar years—2023 and 2024)

Time Commitment: 250 hours per year (for two years) @ $40.00/hour

  • Summer: 15 hours per week for 10 weeks (150 hours)
  • School Year: 10 hours per month for 9 months (90 hours)
  • Workshops, misc: (10 hours)

Submit Your Application

Applications can be submitted through this online form.

The deadline for receipt of submissions is Monday, April 17, 2023.

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