Fifteen of this year's teacher ambassadors meeting through Zoom.

LabXchange Teacher Ambassador Program Brings Innovation to Education

Now in its third year, the LabXchange Teacher Ambassador Program is blending virtual labs, simulations, and interactive resources to create NGSS-aligned lessons that foster critical thinking and scientific inquiry both online and in person. With this community of teacher ambassadors leading the way, we hope to reshape the landscape of science education, empowering students to actively engage in their scientific journey.

Placing Educators at the Helm

Earlier this summer, LabXchange recruited 19 dynamic middle and high school educators to participate in the 2023 Teacher Ambassador Program. These educators are well-versed in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) framework and are deeply passionate about creating captivating science lessons. They are at the forefront of innovation in education, ready to collaborate with like-minded peers and reshape the trajectory of virtual and hybrid science education.

"The LabXchange ambassador program allows classroom teachers to draw on the strengths of the individuals in the teaching community to build high quality lessons and clusters of lessons that are easy to implement in any classroom."
- Amy Balling, HS Science Teacher, 2014 NYS Biology Teacher of the Year, LabXchange Master Teacher

The heart of the LabXchange success story lies in the educators who participate in the Teacher Ambassador Program. Educators from diverse backgrounds have gathered to utilize LabXchange's platform and resources to design hybrid lessons that effortlessly integrate online and in-person components. These meticulously crafted lessons will go beyond imparting facts—they ignite curiosity, cultivate critical thinking, and nurture a profound love for scientific inquiry.

Jenny Frank, Head of Educator Engagement at LabXchange, presents a slide about the Teacher Ambassador Program goals, including the creation of 10 lesson plan bundles consisting of 1 teaching guide, 1 worksheet, 5 assessment questions, and 1 learning pathway each.
Team Meeting on July 31st with teacher ambassadors and master teachers. The team is working on building a common understanding around best practices for teaching and learning in a virtual classroom.

Supporting the teacher ambassadors in their mission are LabXchange's master teachers, distinguished for their expertise in utilizing LabXchange and for their commanding content knowledge. They play a pivotal role in guiding and supporting teacher ambassadors throughout the program.

Drawing from their diverse teaching backgrounds, master teachers provide invaluable insights, innovative strategies, and personalized guidance, ensuring that each teacher ambassador gains a comprehensive understanding of the platform and maximizes its potential for creating impactful lessons. Their mentorship fosters a collaborative learning environment, empowering educators to effectively integrate LabXchange into their teaching practices and elevate science education to new heights.

Fostering a Lasting Impact

The LabXchange Teacher Ambassador Program is not just about creating lessons; it's about catalyzing and supporting a profound transformation in education. The impact of these educators and their work ripples through classrooms, leaving an indelible mark on students who are no longer passive spectators but active participants in their scientific explorations.

"This year's ambassador program has allowed me to see Science through the world's eyes. I have been afforded to work with some amazing science educators. The best medicine for teachers is working with others who share the same passion for science and this ambassador program has given me that opportunity."
- Kathy Gibbs, HS Science Teacher, LabXchange Master Teacher

At LabXchange, we hope to make the Teacher Ambassador Program an incubator of innovation, and a symbol of progress in science education. At the core of the program lies a profound aspiration: to create not just a repository of curriculum and lesson plans, but a thriving ecosystem of educators united by a common vision. LabXchange envisions a dynamic hive mind, where teacher ambassadors come together to forge a lasting, engaged community. As they share their diverse lessons, experiences, and innovative approaches, this collective wisdom inspires others, igniting a transformative movement in science education that extends far beyond the classroom.

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Written by
Jennifer Conklin-Frank
Head of Educator Programming & Engagement

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