Interactive Personalized Learning with LabXchange & PhET Interactive Simulations

PhET Interactive Simulations and LabXchange have launched a new collaboration, sponsored by the Amgen Foundation, to make over 160 simulations available on Harvard University’s free, global platform for science education. Now, when accessed on LabXchange, PhET simulations can be combined with educational content from over 70 other high-quality content sources or your own private library. These custom learning sequences, called pathways, can then be saved, shared, and implemented in a variety of online and hybrid teaching contexts.

A woman in glasses with black hair stands in front of a conference booth. The booth features a standing banner, laptop, and other materials advertising PhET Interactive Simulations.
LabXchange visits the PhET Interactive Simulations booth at the recent eLearning Africa conference in Dakar, Senegal.

PhET and LabXchange are committed to transforming the way science education is taught and learned. We believe you should have the freedom to create online learning experiences that meet your students’ distinctive needs. With a free LabXchange account, you can save PhET’s one-of-a-kind simulations to your personal dashboard, create interactive pathways, and invite your students to join you in private classes. You’ll be able to engage with PhET simulations one-on-one or as a class, and track your students’ progress on the simulations that you assign them.

Upcoming Webinar: Learn How to Make a Custom Pathway

Interested in learning more about using these new simulations? Attend one of our free webinars to learn more about LabXchange and PhET and to discover how you can create customized pathways using the PhET simulations! Webinars will be held on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, at 10:00 AM Eastern Time and Thursday, June 8, 2023, at 4:00 PM Eastern Time. Visit our events page to register!

About LabXchange and PhET Interactive Simulations

Harvard University’s LabXchange is a free online platform for science education, created with support from the Amgen Foundation. LabXchange gives educators free, easily accessible tools to make learning science effective, engaging, and fun. Educators can remix and share content to support differentiated, personalized learning. LabXchange also connects learners, educators and researchers through social features such as private classes, discussion forums, and mentorship.

Based at University of Colorado Boulder, PhET Interactive Simulations makes interactive, research-based science and mathematics simulations. Their simulations create an engaging exploratory environment where students can investigate variables and make direct measurements to discover key science concepts and relationships. These powerful educational tools are translated into 114 languages and used worldwide over 250 million times per year by learners of all ages.

Written by
Kerisha Raghunandan
Instructional Technologist

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