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Collaborator Spotlight: Youreka Science

At LabXchange, we believe in making science accessible for everyone.

One of our collaborators, Youreka Science, does just that through the use of fun whiteboard videos. Florie Mar, Lydia LePage, Aarati Asundi, Pallavi Penumetcha, and Darienne Myers form a powerful team that is making immense strides in bringing science to the people. We sat down with them to discuss their work.

About Youreka Science

What's one thing LabXchange users should know about your organization?

We develop fun whiteboard videos to help science make sense!

What's one fun fact about your organization?

Florie started Youreka Science while a graduate student at UCSF, and drew inspiration from her volunteer work in a public school classroom. Some of the first videos were produced in Florie's apartment using natural light and the whiteboard she had purchased to study for her PhD qualifying exams! Now, the team has grown and the setup is more advanced. But the vision, motivation, and down-to-earth nature of the team hasn't changed!

Their vision

What is your organization's vision for science education?

To make science and scientific findings accessible to everyone! To appreciate the value that science provides to society, and to give back to the public who contributes to scientific advancement.

Who are your scientific inspirations?

My first science mentor: Susan Slaugenhaupt, and my PhD supervisors: Brad Stohr, Jay Debnath, and Liz Blackburn.

What is the first science experiment you remember performing?

Performing qPCR looking for differences in gene expression to identify a potential gene responsible for the genetic disorder Mitral Valve Prolapse. (Learn more about the mitral valve in this video from LabXchange collaborator Kenhub!)

Their motivation

Tell us what motivates you to continue creating/communicating your amazing content!

The joy of reading comments from viewers who experience an Ah Ha moment, when they truly understand and grasp a complex topic!

What's your favorite science joke/pun?

Science: the only science where multiplication and division mean the same thing!

Learn more about Youreka Science in "The Whiteboard Revolution: Illuminating Science Communication in the Digital Age," a 2016 article in Cell. Or read this Nature career feature that includes Youreka Science founder Florie Mar, "How researchers are ensuring that their work has an impact."

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