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Collaborator Spotlight: The Life of Science

At LabXchange, we are committed to promoting the voices of marginalized people in science. One of our collaborators, The Life of Science, does just that. We sat down with them to discuss their important work of documenting the lived experiences and scientific works of women and queer-trans people in Indian science.

The Life of Science

What's one thing LabXchange users should know about your organization?

We are a feminist science multimedia collective that creates content to amplify voices of Indian scientists coming from marginalized positions. Our work is primarily focused on featuring the lives and science(s) of such scientists, although we also engage with broader issues in the philosophy and sociology of science. For example, we have been trying to understand the impact that the concept of a ‘scientific genius’ has on Indian science practice, and the role of intersectionality and privileges in Indian science practice. Our studies have also provided on-the-ground reportage of the problems faced by marginalized people in the Indian science ecosystem.

Illustration from's annual calendar of Indian women, transgender, and non-binary persons in science showing various drawn faces.'s annual calendar of Indian women in science.

What's one fun fact about your organization?

We are a small global team, and we mastered the art of remote working even before it was a thing.

Their vision

What is your organization's vision for science education?

For us, good science education is one that is not detached from the relationship between science and society. Good science education should highlight the problems in science practice, and how science is affected by and affects societal biases. Such science education provides a holistic picture of how science actually happens and also warns learners of practices that are derived from biases and discrimination.

Tell us what motivates you to continue creating/communicating your amazing content!

We are motivated by our desire to see a changed science ecosystem in India. Of course, all our motivation comes from the multiple people we have featured on our website, all our freelancers and supporters who have wholeheartedly contributed to making our project a success, and all our team members who have held up the collective model of working so well.

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