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Collaborator Spotlight: Learning Anatomy with Kenhub

LabXchange convenes a community that believes in making science accessible and fun. Our collaborator Kenhub is on a mission to help students learn anatomy faster and with more fun!

What's one thing LabXchange users should know about using Kenhub to learn about anatomy?

Kenhub is a comprehensive online learning platform for everyone looking to learn about the wonderful world of human anatomy. Our goal is to make your anatomy learning more fun and effective. How do we do this? By providing you with accurate and high-quality information you can trust, and supporting you every step of the way.

What's one fun fact about Kenhub?

You might be surprised to learn that you can use Kenhub to learn human anatomy completely for free. On our website, you can browse through a complete atlas and hundreds of articles covering human anatomy, histology and medical imaging entirely for free, without any restrictions.Our atlas consists of more than 5000 stunning high-quality illustrations showing every structure of the human body. Here's one of our favorite illustrations:

A diagram of the human head showing the muscles, ligaments, and veins present along the side of the face, from temple to chin.

We've written and curated hundreds of articles in a free knowledge library that cover anatomy from head to toe, without skipping any detail. So if you are looking to learn something as specific as the anatomy of the deltoid muscle, we've got you covered.We believe that accuracy is one of the main pillars of learning any medical science. So every piece of content that we've created has been validated by different medical experts.There is no better way than seeing it all for yourself! So join today the over 2 million people that have registered for free and used our learning materials from every corner of the globe.

What is Kenhub's vision for science education?

At Kenhub, we believe in making the process of learning science, specifically anatomy and histology, easy and fun. To do that, we devote a great part of our time creating engaging learning materials. These are designed to break the complexity and tediousness encountered in more ‘traditional’ ways of learning anatomy. In addition to our free content, like our atlas and articles, we also spend a lot of our time producing Premium content in other formats, like fun videos and interactive quizzes.Our goal is that every student looking to learn anatomy and histology will find everything they need to learn those subjects efficiently, while having fun. A lot of our students will become healthcare professionals one day. This means that they dedicate a lot of their time to learning the intricate science of the human body. So, we want to help make that journey an enjoyable one.

Who are your scientific inspirations?

We are inspired by people who have used their creativity to produce learning materials that make us fall in love with science. From someone like Leonardo DaVinci, who combined his passion for art and anatomy, and created amazing illustrations that have inspired many anatomists...to modern day science communicators like Neil deGrasse Tyson, who uses great storytelling to simplify the physics of the universe we live in.

What was the first science experiment you remember?

We could bring up some experiments in our biology/chemistry classes. However, the most memorable science examination for anyone dealing with anatomy has to be the first dissection. It is such an emotion-filled experience to get to explore and learn the anatomy of an organism, be it human or any other type of animal. Dissection shows us how amazing living organisms are, how complex our bodies are. It's mind-blowing when you realise that tiny cells come together to form strong tissues and organs like the skin. Dissection changes your perception of science and who you are as a human being. Well, it made us pick anatomy as a career! So, you can see how impactful it can be.

Tell us what motivates you to continue creating your amazing content!

2 main things motivate us:Creating materials that help people learn and fall in love with the subject of human anatomy is immensely rewarding.The power of connection is our other driving force. Having almost anyone in the world be able to access the learning materials we create is absolutely amazing. Receiving a message from someone thousands of miles away saying that they are closer to becoming a healthcare professional because our learning materials helped them is incredibly powerful and exciting.

What's your favorite science joke/pun?

When someone is annoying you, you can say, "If you were a body structure, you would be a myelin sheath, because you get on my nerves."

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