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Breast Cancer Awareness: 4 Resources

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to the WHO, approximately 7.8 million patients had been diagnosed with this cancer between 2015-2020, making it the world’s most prevalent cancer. In support of this important campaign, we rounded up four LabXchange resources that will help you learn more.

This image from "Endocrine Signaling and Breast Cancer" depicts the formation of breast cancer in a milk duct.

Understanding Estrogen Signaling and Breast Cancer

Estrogen is a hormone present in every body that contributes to cardiovascular health, inflammation, cognitive health and metabolism. However, abnormal estrogen signalling in the endocrine system causes cancer. Therefore, understanding abnormalities in endocrine signaling can help researchers design targeted drugs, like Tamoxifen. Learn more about estrogen signaling and targeted cancer therapies in the LabXchange interactive scrollable, Endocrine Signaling and Breast Cancer.Fun fact: we co-developed this interactive with Dr. Ashlie Evans Cromer, Senior Medical Science Liaison, Cardiovascular at Amgen! Read our interview with Ashlie to learn more about her career journey.

Image source: iBiology

Tumor Formation

To find appropriate therapeutics for cancer, understanding the biology driving tumor formation is fundamental. Cancer researcher Ana Ruiz-Saenz discusses recent research on the proteins responsible for tumor formation in the video, Experimental Design Case Study: Investigating Mechanisms of Breast Cancer.

Mortality Trends

View the global mortality trend of several types of cancer in an interactive map from Our World in Data, Cancer Death Rates by Type (1990 - 2017).

Image source: National Cancer Institute

An Epidemiological Overview

For more information on research, risk factors, and various therapies, we recommend Breast Cancer and Epidemiology, a videocast by oncologist Dr. Farah Zia. This informative lecture from the National Cancer Institute’s Translational Research in Clinical Oncology course provides an overview of the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of this disease.

Knowledge and early detection are vital tools in the fight against this cancer, which affects men and women alike. Learn more about proactive breast health through resources from the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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Instructional Technologist

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