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LabXchange Resources Now Available in Vietnamese!

Over the past two years, the volunteer translators at Education for Vietnamese Youth (EVY), an organization based in Vietnam and run by local high school and undergraduate students, have been working on translating learning resources from LabXchange and PhET from English to Vietnamese.

Following on our inclusion of content in isiZulu and Ukrainian, we are excited to announce the availability of learning materials in Vietnamese, our 16th language!

Fundamentally, LabXchange believes in making science education more accessible to educators and learners around the world. Working with collaborators to bring high-quality learning resources to our platform is only the first step in achieving that goal. The next step involves making that content available to and inclusive of communities worldwide, and with a large amount of STEM resources being available primarily (or solely) in English, we believe that translating key materials can go a long way in bridging the gap.

Translator Spotlight: Education for Vietnamese Youth (EVY)

We spoke with Tung Nguyen, head of EVY and part of the volunteer translation team, about the team's efforts in translating content from English to Vietnamese and what their work will mean for STEM learners in Vietnam. Read the interview below!

What does your organization do?

We aim to overcome socio-economic barriers and provide equal access to education for youth in Vietnam. Our mission is to give children an educational foundation and prepare them to pursue their dreams confidently. This year, EVY will continue collaborating with LabXchange in Vietnamese translation and at the same time try to develop a new website with free access to Vietnamese learning materials and organize a national-scale science competition for the youth.

What inspired you to start working in translation?

I've always been fascinated by languages and the power they hold to bridge cultural gaps. In addition, I always find joy in learning new languages and exploring the intricacies of different cultures. Both of these ignited my passion for translation, where I rejoice in the various aspects of words. As a translator for content from LabXchange in particular, I found that language barriers still pose a challenge to Vietnamese students to fulfill their dreams.

What challenges does your team face in translating from English to Vietnamese?

The biggest challenge we are facing is how to translate scientific terminologies that best captivate Vietnamese people. In these cases, we have to research a little more about that area and find the Vietnamese words widely utilized by the Vietnamese science community. This takes a lot of time and dedication because we aim to ensure all Vietnamese materials on the LabXchange website are accessible and understandable to both passionate youths and the science community in Vietnam.

How will your work impact students and science education in Vietnam?

First, by translating learning materials on LabXchange into Vietnamese, EVY can make creative simulations and videos of the world of science accessible to all Vietnamese prospective scientists. Second, by developing a website with free access to academic content, EVY will empower Vietnamese young people to dive into other fields than science, reducing their gaps in a social science or arts dream. Third, by organizing a science competition for the youth, EVY wishes to make their dreams come true by stepping into the first competitive door of science.

What motivates you to continue your work?

A year ago, as I was conducting a field trip to schools in other provinces, I found out that access to laboratories in Vietnam is a huge issue for students. For example, when they are studying the greenhouse effect, challenges are found because this is too broad of an issue to be illustrated. Therefore, coming to LabXchange, I was so happy to find out about a website that provides so many simulations as effective alternatives to costly laboratories, satisfying the desire to explore of Vietnamese students.

What's one fun fact about EVY that readers should know?

Our organization consists of mainly high schoolers and undergraduates with interest in STEM subjects, and 2023 marks our fifth year of operation. We recruit members every year, not just for translating content, but to fulfill ambitious goals lying ahead. Stay tuned!

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