A series of illustrations related to the Mars mission. The illustrations include things like the solar system, a rover, a water droplet, a rocket ship, and the planet Mars. Each illustration is inside a hexagonal frame.

Journey to the Red Planet with LabXchange and NASA’s Perseverance Mission

LabXchange invites learners of all ages to explore science from multiple perspectives through collections of learning resources called clusters. The newest LabXchange cluster, Mission to Mars, transports learners out of this world and to the Red Planet. Made up of 81 interactive digital resources from NASA, PhET Interactive Simulations, MinuteEarth and others, the cluster features a wide range of topics, from the geology of Mars to the personal stories of the team that launched the Perseverance rover.The nine pathways in the cluster include:

It's not not rocket science
think like a martian
molecular mars
how to build a mars rover
The search for life

Meet the martians
Beyond the red planet
The history of martian exploration
Mars rocks: geology of mars

LabXchange is a global science classroom open to every curious mind. Created at Harvard University with support from the Amgen Foundation, this powerful digital platform makes high-quality science education accessible, connects learning to careers, and gives everyone, everywhere, the opportunity to chart a path in science—for free.

Through collaboration, personalization, and contextualization, LabXchange offers an integrated teaching and learning ecosystem in which tomorrow’s thought leaders can build knowledge, contribute unique perspectives, and engage with a diverse, global community to develop a sense of belonging.

LabXchange believes in giving educators the freedom to create online learning experiences that meet learners’ distinctive needs. For this reason, the cluster’s custom learning sequences, or pathways, can be saved, shared, or remixed with educational content from over 70 other high-quality content sources or educators’ own private libraries. This allows educators to personalize online learning for a wide variety of teaching contexts.

Interested in learning more? Explore clusters, pathways, or 14,000 other free teaching resources in the LabXchange library.

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