The Take Action Global logo, which is a geomarker next to the acronym "tag," is prominently placed next to a smaller LabXchange collaborator spotlight logo, which is an overhead view of three differently colored people—red, yellow, and blue—standing in a circle with their hands on each other's shoulders.

Collaborator Spotlight: Catalyzing Climate Education with Take Action Global

Take Action Global is dedicated to educating STEM learners about the causes, impact, and potential solutions to climate change. Their comprehensive teaching guides—now available in the LabXchange library—include activities, videos, and projects that effectively encourage learners to engage with climate change. We spoke to the Take Action Global team to learn more about their content and all the work that they do.

What does your organization do?

Take Action Global is committed to Climate Education for All. We provide a variety of climate education programs from our annual 6-week Climate Action Project to our year-long Climate Action Schools program that provides a school-wide curriculum. We also run a number of smaller projects, such as our Goals Project and Tree Planting Program. This year, we are proud to work with over 4.7 million students and educators across 158 countries.

What's one fun fact that LabXchange users should know about your organization?

Each year we host Climate Action Day, an online live event where we invite world leaders, activists, students, artists, and more to join us in celebration of Climate Action. In the past, we have had the pleasure of facilitating some amazing speakers such as Dr. Jane Goodall, Sir David Attenborough, Vanessa Nakate, and Princess Esmerelda of Belgium, to name a few. It is a day full of joy and hope where our students can share their climate solutions and get inspired. The event is free for all—join us this November to take part!

Five young students wearing white Indonesian tudong-style hijabs smile at the camera while pointing to Indonesia on a globe in front of them.

Which Take Action Global content are you most excited by?

In 2021, we were excited to launch the EarthProject App—a free tool for students and educators to track their impact on reducing carbon emissions and water usage. The app is homegrown, which has allowed us to cater it specifically to the needs of our community. We are constantly adding new updates, so stay tuned for new features coming soon!

How can learners and educators best use your content?

We are committed to accessibility, so we share all new opportunities (including educational resources) with our community as soon as they come our way. Anyone interested in engaging with our content should follow our social media for immediate updates, or subscribe to our monthly newsletter which is jam packed with free events, resources, and even a monthly climate-themed playlist to play in your classroom!

What motivates you to continue your work in science education?

We are forever inspired by our young people and their commitment, drive, and passion for climate action. They are the future and we want to give them the best possible change of living on a safe, habitable planet for generations to come. We invite everyone to check out our blog with stories from the classroom and to message us at if they are interested in having their story of action featured.

Finally, what's your favorite science joke/pun?

Many people don’t take Climate Change very seriously… It would be way "cooler" if they did!

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