An animation of a cursor dragging tubes around a microcentrifuge.



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Our top-notch, ad-free virtual lab simulations are designed to help you achieve just that. Engage your learners with interactive, hands-on experiments that make science education more accessible and enjoyable than ever before. 100% free, forever.

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Balance the centrifuge by dragging and dropping the test tubes

Teacher-Crafted Virtual Labs for Enhanced Learning

Real-Time Feedback

With immediate feedback, virtual lab simulations allow students to learn from mistakes and effortlessly undo and try again for an enhanced learning experience.

A cursor opening a tap on a column to release liquid.

Lab-Accurate Apparatus

Save time and money with our virtual lab simulations, a cost-effective solution compatible with Chromebooks and laptops.

Micropipette dispensing liquid into wells.

Perfect for Middle & High School

Virtual labs provide a safe space for exploration, promote learning from mistakes, and different levels allow for differentiation across grade levels.

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Animation of someone dragging a micropipette.

Gel Electrophoresis

In this virtual lab simulation, gel electrophoresis is used to separate dyes and see them in an agarose gel.

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Transforming Bacteria

In this virtual lab simulation, users will practice transforming bacterial cells with a recombinant plasmid using the heat shock method.

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Micropipetting Solutions

This virtual lab simulation allows the user to practice using a micropipette in a virtual laboratory environment.

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“Using science lab simulations has made my students more confident in both scientific thinking skills and familiarity with science equipment and tools. I love how it allows them to interact with the lab materials, make mistakes, and see how their actions impact the outcome. The ability to have autonomy in the virtual lab and try different things while getting feedback gives them a deeper understanding of the concepts.”

- Mary Liu, Science Teacher, Weston High School