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Educator Spotlight: Joy-Nicole Smith

Earlier this year, we chatted with Joy-Nicole Smith, a virtual science teacher for middle grades (6-8), about her experiences using LabXchange. Thanks for your feedback, Joy-Nicole!

Who are your science teaching or learning inspirations?

My scientific inspirations emanate from my AP Biology teacher Mr. Richardson. His love for science was profound, and he was sure to instill this passion into his students. His courses propelled me forward during my undergraduate years at Penn State.

How has LabXchange helped you address challenges in your classroom/teaching practice?

LabXchange is a treasure trove! There are so many resources readily available. This is a powerful instrument for students to have access to credible, reliable, and valid resources in science.

How has LabXchange helped you adapt a required curriculum (for example, to support the specific learning needs of a class or student?)

It helped to support my virtual science students in learning concepts during the pandemic. These students were from throughout Europe and were striving to further engage with the content in an interactive way.

What sets LabXchange apart from other online learning tools you have used?

This tool is comprehensive and connects students to not only the content but to scientists of diverse backgrounds. Often science is siphoned into subject matter. It is important we expand our view to include the people critical in spearheading monumental changes in society.

What is your favorite LabXchange resource, and why?

The lab simulations are my favorite! Through these simulations, students are able to learn basic skills (virtually) from the lab and explore the scientific process. However, the highlight of the LabXchange resource is the people highlighted. It is critical for students to know the names and faces connected to advancements in society.

In 1-2 sentences, what do you hope to accomplish in your career as a STEM educator?

I hope to encourage students to view STEM from a multifaceted perspective.

What's your favorite science joke/pun?

I was reading a book on Helium...and I just could not put it down.

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