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Back to School with LabXchange: Remote Learning

Heading back to school in September? This might mean remote learning, a hybrid scenario, or in-person classes. We acknowledge that these are challenging and unprecedented times. LabXchange is here to support you. In this series of posts, we’ll share strategies for remote learning and ideas for building online community.

Strategies for Remote Learning

Stay Organized

  • Use consistent naming conventions in your online class.
  • Likewise, use cues that your students can easily recognize, like review, extension, or new.
  • Also, share your content and pathways directly to Google Classroom.Screenshot of the sharing buttons on a LabXchange asset.

Support All Learners With Pathways

  • In addition, provide multiple modalities of content through pathways, LabXchange’s modular, flexible tool for creating personalized,  differentiated learning.
  • Also differentiate your pathways using notes.
  • Support ELL students by including a glossary in your pathway, for example.Screenshot of a glossary asset on LabXchange.
  • Set learning objectives for your pathway, using Bloom’s Taxonomy.Screenshot of a graphic of Blooms Taxonomy.

Develop a Growth Mindset

  • With this purpose in mind, use interactive content to actively engage your students.Screenshot of the kidneys from the Cell Signalling animation.
  • Create formative assessments: set the number of attempts to unlimited.Screenshot of a formative assessment on LabXchange.
  • LabXchange simulations are cheat-proof. To conclude, every decision matters, and builds a growth mindset.

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