LabXchange is an online community for learning, sharing, and collaboration.

Labs are places of exploration and discovery for every field imaginable. In this spirit, you can discover, engage, and share what you learn on LabXchange. We curate and create world-class digital content, delivered on a free, online platform that lets you integrate your learning and research experiences. Here, you take control of your learning and solve real-world problems as a community. Participation will always be free.

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LabXchange gives educators, learners, and researchers:

The power to

flexible learning pathways by finding and assembling high-quality content.

The power to

through a new generation of virtual simulations that give access to the research process.

with an intergenerational network of educators, students and researchers.

The power to

global challenges defined by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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Reuse learning assets

LabXchange brings together high-quality content from a variety of sources in the form of online learning assets, including videos, assessments, and simulations. Our re-engineered Open edX platform gives users the flexibility to search, select, and insert these assets into their own customized learning pathways.

Create your own pathway

Users can add material to link the learning assets they select to create their own storylines, clarify new learning objectives, and adapt existing pathways to better meet their needs.

Share what you have learned

Users will be able to share their pathways privately or with a small group to spark discussion and receive feedback.

Power to create.
Power to experiment


Use interactive simulations

Learners can design experiments and execute protocols online using interactive simulations of key techniques in molecular and cellular biology.

Troubleshoot experimental designs

Users can run their experimental designs online, assess the quality of the virtual data outcomes, and troubleshoot their designs in iterative cycles of improvement.

Learn in context

Each virtual experiment is packaged with appropriate learning assets that teach biological principles and methodological best practices. Combinations of virtual experiments address compelling research questions in human disease.


Build learning networks

Educators, students, and researchers can create profiles, share their learning pathways, and discuss their hands-on research experiences. The resulting networks serve as a lifelong resource, allowing users to form affinity groups based on changing research interests.

Provide mentoring

Users are able to mentor each other, sharing their interests and experiences in science as well as relevant learning content.

Form communities of practice

Educators can share learning pathways that they have designed with learners and other educators in private classes. This way, the platform fosters communities of instructional practice.

Power to share
Power to solve.


Support global learning

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outline humanity’s most urgent problems. An open-source online learning network, LabXchange contributes to SDG #4 – Quality Education, which seeks to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Promote human health

LabXchange’s biology and biotechnology content contributes to SDG #3 – Good Health and Well-Being, which seeks to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Share solutions

LabXchange facilitates global collaboration on the SDGs by providing ways to connect with people who share interests or offer complementary skills, and to build creative solutions together.

We envision a world with equal opportunity for success in science for anyone, anywhere.

Robert Lue, Faculty Director and Principal Investigator