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Learn the ins and outs of using LabXchange.

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How do you use LabXchange?

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Video placeholder. Interviews with teachers about how they use LabXchange.

1. Explore the LabXchange library

No account needed.

Browse the thousands of free learning resources in our library. For a quick overview, start on our Explore page.

Explore page

2. Create a free account

Account needed.

To access everything else LabXchange offers, create an account. It’s easy and 100% free!

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3. Design your own pathway

Account needed

With LabXchange, you have the power to personalize learning. Remix any of our content into a custom pathway. (You can even incorporate content from your own private library!) Then, you can share your pathway with any other LabXchange users.

Learn to make a pathway

4. Create your own class

Account needed.

You can build a private space for teaching, learning, and discussion with LabXchange classes. In your class, you can easily share content and track progress.

Learn to set up a class

Pre-made teaching guides

We know teachers are busy people and planning lessons is difficult. That's why we have created lesson plans to help you be the best teacher you can be.

Save time planning to focus on what you are best at: Teaching.

Teaching guides

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