Back to School with LabXchange: Build Online Community

Heading back to school in September? This might mean distance learning, a hybrid scenario, or in-person classes. And we acknowledge that these are challenging and unprecedented times. LabXchange is here to support you. In this series of posts, we’ll share strategies for remote learning and ideas for building online community.

Image shows a LabXchange user with a profile photo.

  • Don’t pretend that everything is fine. Acknowledge that things are hard right now!
  • Be clear about your expectations.
  • Encourage but don’t push participation.
  • Build in break time to rest eyes and stretch!
  • Encourage your learners to add a profile picture.
  • Over-communicate, and use as many channels as needed.
  • Message individual learners and check how they’re doing.Image shows a sample discussion post asking "Does anyone know a good science joke?"
  • Leave some space for fun! Set up a discussion thread to share fun facts or cat videos.
  • Create a class playlist that incorporates everyone’s favorite songs.

And coming soon…you’ll be able to use LabXchange discussion forums to pose questions to a global community. Discover learning strategies in an online community of science educators, learners, and enthusiasts!

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